WhatsApp is about to solve one of the most annoying things in the app

The everyday WhatsApp conversations we all have are divided into two types – written conversations and conversations that include recordings. If you belong to the second group, people who prefer to record – rather than type their message, the next development will probably make you especially happy.

The website WABetaInfo reported over the weekend that WhatsApp is working on new features for voicemail – where you can stop in the middle of recording a voicemail. This is a feature that can be very useful, because if you want to stop in the middle of recording a voice message – they have to choose between sending it in the middle, or deleting and re.recording it.

The site has released a video documenting the new feature, which was viewed during the development of WhatsApp for iOS, but is also in the beta version of the Android app:

As you can see in the video, after stopping the recording, you can find another recording button – which will allow you to continue from exactly the same point where you stopped before.

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