Apple on the way to conquering Los Angeles?

The multinational corporation intends to establish a headquarters in Los Angeles County.
While Apple hasn’t mentioned it directly, the objective might be to expand the Apple TV Plus streaming service, which is currently trailing competitors Netflix and Disney.

Apple has announced the construction of a massive new office building in Los Angeles that would occupy around 51,000 square meters, possibly hinting to the company’s intentions to expand into the realm of original content.
In Los Angeles County, it will function as the company’s headquarters.
According to Apple’s announcement, teams from Apple’s streaming service for Apple TV source material, the Apple Music streaming service, as well as engineering and artificial intelligence teams, will be employed.

Apple has not revealed whether the new headquarters will include production studios, but its location is certainly increasing its presence in Hollywood and bringing it closer to the studios where many TV shows and movies are filmed today. Although the company launched the Apple TV Plus service in 2019, it still has a hard time positioning itself as a leading competitor against other streaming companies. Apple has little content compared to the services operated by Netflix and Disney.

Also, while Apple does not disclose the number of subscribers to the service, which costs $ 5 a month, it was recently reported that it has fewer than 20 million subscribers in North America. Naftalix, on the other hand, has 200 million subscribers worldwide, and the Disney Plus service has one hundred million subscribers.

Despite this, Apple TV Plus’s shows are regarded as of excellent quality, such as the “Ted Lasso” series, which won numerous Emmy Awards earlier this year, and the “Morning Show” series, which stars Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon.
The huge company’s new headquarters may aid in the production of fresh content in order to attract more users.

Apple built its first office in Colbert City in 2014, and it now employs 1,500 people in the Los Angeles region.
While no date has been set for the opening of the new headquarters, the firm has stated that it aims to quadruple its employees in the county by 2026.
Apple has been steadily expanding its services, notably the Appstore software store, in recent years, while being best known for its gadgets.
To diversify its income streams, Apple launched the Apple Music service and the iCloud storage service.

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