MADRID, 11 Oct. (Portaltic/EP) –

The Google browser Chrome has brought a new function to its version for Android mobiles with which it is capable of remember the user’s zoom preferences when accessing a web page that I had already visited.

Chrome’s feature of remembering the user’s zoom on a web page already was present in your desktop app, but now the browser has entered it in its latest version for Android mobile testers (Canary), through a ‘flag’, as reported by MSPowerUser.

This accessibility feature makes it possible for Chrome remember the zoom chosen by a user the last time you accessed a website, and repeats it automatically when you visit him later.

Modifying the zoom of a web page in Chrome from Android, as the aforementioned portal has shown, is possible from the drop.down to the left of the address bar, from the ‘zoom’ section. It can be customized from 100% to other figures, increasing or zooming out as needed.

As Google has stated through a ‘commit’ in the Chromium open source project, the final location of the function in Chrome could be changed. At the moment it is not present in the stable version of Chrome for Android.

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