“Jerusalem is a city of opportunities – a city where ideas become reality,” the mayor of Jerusalem, Mr. Moshe Leon, At the Jerusalem Post’s Tenth Annual Conference, held at the Tolerance Museum in the city. “Jerusalem has always been a city of inspiration, but today it is a city of innovation,” he added.

Leon noted in his remarks that he has a great responsibility towards all the residents of the city – Jews, Christians and Muslims alike, and added that he is committed to promoting and developing the field of housing, employment and infrastructure. Leon further stated at the gala conference that he plans to add 5,000 new housing units across the city each year, adding that the city is developing 1.5 million square meters of office space. More employment in the city, “he said.

According to Leon, the Jerusalem municipality places special emphasis on development in the eastern sector of the city. He also noted that 15% of students in East Jerusalem are currently studying in Israeli schools, and that this is an increase of about 10% in the last three years. Leon praised the increase in integration data and said: “It will allow them to work and study better in Jerusalem. They will not learn hatred and anti.Semitism but tolerance and coexistence.”

Leon concluded by saying, “Jerusalem is the beating heart of the Jewish people, and I intend to make sure that our hearts remain healthy and maintain their power and strength.”

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