The MUNIEXPO conference, which has become the largest meeting of local government, will last a full two days this year, October 20.21, at the Tel Aviv Expo. Along with the traditional innovation conference, which will include a variety of cyber services, IT solutions, technology incubators and, An international conference that will host dozens of mayors and hundreds of representatives from around the world.

The event will be held for the fifth time and will feature over 170 exhibitors from the best innovations in urban management. “In the last two years, the whole world has experienced a tremendous upheaval following the outbreak of the corona epidemic, which has affected the lives of billions of people across the globe,” said Haim Bibbs, chairman of the local government center and mayor of Modiin.Maccabim.Reut. “Of the local government to give the citizens of the country the security and peace of mind and continue to maintain a routine of life alongside the corona.”

During the conference, developments from the leading companies in the municipal fields will be presented, such as projects in the field of traffic of the Ariel company and Yimzor YSB, which builds and maintains traffic lights and systems for highways and projects in the field of construction and maintenance of smart parking systems.
The company will present smart systems for traffic control for cities and urban metropolitan areas and innovative solutions that address all traffic challenges in the urban and municipal space, including scheduling control, semi.adaptive control, fully adaptive control, preference for public transportation, adaptive green waves and many other capabilities.

A platform to be presented at the conference is CitySmood by DeepSeek – which monitors the discourse on social networks in the city or local authority, analyzes it and makes it an effective tool that helps the mayor and his people streamline service to residents and improve the relationship between citizen and authority. Municipalities have learned about cleaning problems they did not recognize in certain neighborhoods, fears of buildings collapsing, transportation problems created as a result of projects initiated by the municipality and other issues.
One of the projects that will be presented in the field of education is that of Dynamiklas, which is establishing innovative interactive learning spaces in educational institutions in Israel. ActiveFloor systems from Dynamiklas produce a projection of educational content that responds to students’ body movements using a motion detection system. The activity is based on an existing content database and in addition, teachers and students can create customized content with remote access.

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