Apple is extending the recall period for AirPods Pro

About a year after announcing the repair and replacement of its premium headphones – the technology giant will allow you to receive service even after the due date. Need a repair? This is what needs to be done

Last year, Apple released a global Recall call for its AirPods Pro headphones for users with audio problems. The repair and replacement plan was due to be completed in about two weeks – about two years since the sale began, and now it turns out that the company has quietly updated the information page on the site and expanded the plan for another year.

Apple first announced the fix program after many users complained about jarring sounds, bass loss, static noises being amplified in noisy environments and damage to the noise cancellation mechanism – perhaps their most important feature.

On the dedicated and updated website that Apple has launched, you can get more details about the fault and how to exercise the warranty.

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