It’s scary: robotic dogs will be equipped with automatic rifles on their backs

Ghost Robotics and Sword International have teamed up to create a particularly deadly “robotic dog”. The robot has a system called an “unmanned rifle”. The unique system includes a barrel capable of firing 6.5 mm bullets. The rifle system, dubbed the SPUR, premiered on the show floor at the U.S. Army Association’s annual conference in Washington, DC.

Although Ghost Robotics is collaborating with a number of other companies to explore protection and security applications, this seems to be the first demonstration of one of the unmanned systems with real weapons installed on top of the robot. Unarmed samples are mostly in limited use with the U.S. Air Force 325th Security Forces Squadron, at Tindal Air Force Base in Florida, and are being tested by other units in this service.

At present the information about the SPUR (shooting system) is still quite limited, but it has been reported that it is able to fire accurately up to 1.2 miles. “When our robots are spinning, the processing forces perform 2,000 calculations per second, per minute,” said Ghost Robotics CEO and founder Jiren Parik. “The robot you see climbing the stairs, walking or running.” He added that even if one of the sensors is hit, the robot will continue to move.

The robot itself is not special, and we have seen a wide range of robots that were even manufactured by the Chinese Shiomi. However, the highlight is the autonomous firing system. At this stage it is not clear when we will see the system in operational combination.

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