Google introduces continuous ‘scroll’ in mobile search results

Google has modified the navigation on your browser’s mobile so that the results do not stop at the end of the page, but are loaded next instead of having to go to a new page.

The tech company has redesigned its search engine results page in an attempt to do so. “more fluid and intuitive“, which does not stop at the end, where ‘Related Searches’ are normally indicated.

Instead, and for the moment only in the mobile version, the search engine will automatically load more results, avoiding having to go to a new page, as in the web version, as explained in his official blog.

From the company they indicate that although users usually find what they are looking for with the first results, “most people who want additional information tend to navigate up to four pages“The update allows” continuous scrolling “to navigate” through many different results, before having to click the ‘See more’ button. ”

Google has launched this Thursday this “new search experience” on mobiles for most searches in English in the United States.

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