Achievement for the Michal Sala Forum: Lily Ben Ami was invited for a chat with Cheryl Sandberg

Impressive achievement for the Michal Sala Forum: The founder and CEO of the forum, Lily Ben Ami, the sister of the late Michal Sala, is the first Israeli to be invited to a one-on-one Facebook Live conversation with Facebook’s VP of Operations, Cheryl Sandberg. Last night, as part of a live series on Sandberg’s Facebook page, in which she hosts extraordinary characters from around the world.

As mentioned, Sandberg, one of the most influential women in the world in the fields of technology, business, gender, philanthropy and social networks, has been in constant contact with Lily Ben-Ami since founding the Michal Sala Forum following the murder of her sister, the late Michal Sala. A groundbreaking innovation in finding technological solutions to save the next murdered woman and has harnessed industry leaders, government ministries and also the IDF.

Immediately after the establishment of the Michal Sala Forum Association in May 2019, the first technological event “The Acton Michal Sala” was produced. Facebook Israel immediately joined forces and became key partners in the project. At that time, Sandberg initiated a personal appeal to Ben Ami and sent a long personal letter in which she expressed her condolences, as someone who had experienced the death of a close person. She also expressed enthusiastic support for Ben-Ami’s choice to channel bereavement into innovative and life-saving public action. She has even shared and published the hackathon on her personal digital platforms. To date, the Facebook Israel team is in close contact with the forum and actively supports the annual hackathon, designed to promote a new ecosystem of technology initiatives to prevent violence against women in the pavilion.

“I am excited and happy about the invitation. I have been following Cheryl Sandberg for many years and highly appreciate her as an international leader. She is not only one of the most powerful and influential businesswomen in the world, but also has a vision, values, and cross-continental social work. I hope the conversation touches more hearts On the way to a revolution of zero, they are murdered every year. ”

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