MADRID, 17 Jun. (Portaltic/EP) –

The publish and listen function Audio podcast will begin to be available to users of the social network Facebook from June 22, when page builders can decide if they want to add the new podcast tab.

Facebook has reported the arrival of podcasts through emails addressed to the page owners on his eponymous social network, as collected by The Verge.

In this message, the American company has explained that the new function allows users to Add a podcast to your Facebook page from June 22, so that participants can listen to them directly from the social network.

Once the user’s podcast service and Facebook have been linked, the new programs that are uploaded will be automatically added to the page via RSS, but the owner has the option to delete the content he wants.

With the publication of each new podcast program, in addition to the page, the podcasts are also displayed in the news feed of the members of the page.

Page owners can enable this feature and add a podcast tab to their spaces if they give their consent in the notifications with which Facebook is reporting the feature, but this option can also be changed from the configuration menu of the social network.

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