3 researchers have won the Nobel Prize in Physics for models for predicting global warming

Three researchers won the Nobel Prize in Physics today (Tuesday) for creating climatic models for predicting global warming and discoveries in complex physical systems, the Stockholm Prize Committee announced. The three – Siokoro Manba, Klaus Haselman and Giorgio Frizi will share a prize of ten million Swedish kronor (about $ 1.15 million).

“Complex systems are characterized by randomness and disorder and are difficult to understand,” the Swedish Academy of Sciences said in a statement. “This year’s award recognizes new methods for describing and predicting their long-term behavior.” Manaba, 90, has U.S. citizenship. Frizi is Italian and Salman is German.

Among the most famous winners of the Nobel Prize in Medicine include Albert Einstein and Marie Curie. Last year, three researchers won the prize for discoveries in the study of black holes.

Yesterday, the Nobel Prize in Medicine was awarded to two American researchers for the detection of skin receptors that feel temperature and touch. In the coming days, the Nobel Prizes in Chemistry, Literature, Peace and Economics will be awarded. The cash prize has been awarded annually since 1901 from the estate of the Swedish inventor Alfred Noble, who died in 1895. The plague continues to overshadow the Nobel ceremonies, which until the beginning were glowing and glittering. The annual prom in Stockholm has been postponed for the second year in a row.

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