MADRID, 15 Oct. (Portaltic/EP) –

The voice-only social network Clubhouse has introduced its new music mode, that improves the sound of users conducting music sessions through the platform and adding support to use specialized equipment.

The new music mode, which has been available on the social network since Thursday, is present in the audio quality menu for hosts of an audio room, and can be activated by selecting the ‘music’ option.

By activating this function, Clubhouse users who want to do musical sessions such as ‘jam sessions’ will be able to access “high quality sound and stereo“‘, as Clubhouse announced in a statement. The feature will first come to iOS and then to Android.

The music mode, which allows both performers and listeners to access this better quality, also provides support for the use of specialized musical equipment from external devices, such as USB microphones and mixing consoles.

Asimismo, Clubhouse has improved the search bar of the application, which now happens to be at the top of the screen. The search function will also allow you to greet other friends on the social network.

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