The Israeli digital health startup Hello Heart has long helped people lower their blood pressure, according to a peer-reviewed study published today (Friday) in the JAMA Network Open, the prestigious scientific journal of the American Medical Association. The data show that over 84% of the participants who suffered from grade 2 hypertension achieved a decrease in their systolic blood pressure that was maintained over three years. This study is the largest multi-year study of its kind, conducted with the aim of testing the effectiveness of digital therapy in controlling hypertension.

As mentioned, the researchers followed 28,189 adults with health insurance paid for by their employer, who used Hello Heart’s technology and online treatment program. They found that the more people took care of the startup’s digital therapy tool, the better their blood pressure values ‚Äč‚Äčimproved. A particularly marked improvement was recorded among those who suffered from grade 2 hypertension – the most severe degree of hypertension. In fact, for these participants, who took part in the study for three years, an average decrease in systolic blood pressure of 20.9 mm Hg was observed, more than double that of any result published to date.

The study also found that after 12 weeks of using the company’s tools, 69.9 percent of users with grade 1 hypertension and 84.8 percent of users with grade 2 hypertension were able to reduce their blood pressure. At the end of the first year, the number of patients with stage 2 hypertension, who lowered their blood pressure, rose to 85.7 percent, and in the third year of using these tools it stood at about 84.4 percent.

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However, since participants enrolled in the program at different times during the three years the study was conducted, users’ dropout rates were not measured as part of the study. The average decrease in blood pressure among participants with grade 2 hypertension was approximately 19.2 mm of systolic mercury in the first year and increased to 20.9 mm of systolic mercury at the end of the third year.

The researchers found that for most users, involvement in a Hello Heart program, at any level of activity and intensity, was directly linked to a decrease in blood pressure values. Moreover, the company’s application demonstrated during the study that it can detect emergencies in women and men, caused by hypertension, and even detect in real time events with high potential for life-threatening heart events. The results were statistically significant even after demographic, socioeconomic, and behavioral factors were examined and weighed.

“This is the first comprehensive study published after a peer review that reports the long-term effects of using a digital health application to manage blood pressure. The results of the study have profound clinical implications,” said Dr. Alexis Beatty, MD, MAS, Cardiologist and Professor at the University of California San Francisco , And the main notebook of the study. She added that “the high level of use of Hello Hart’s product is not something I have encountered yet in other digital hypertension management programs. Prolonged use of the program and a systolic blood pressure drop of more than 20 mm Hg can reduce the chances of a heart attack, stroke, Kidney disease and death. “

“Although heart disease is the number one cause in the world, for years there has been skepticism about the ability to manage hypertension effectively. Existing solutions have led to low levels of user involvement and are therefore ineffective. We are proud and happy that the study yielded strong and unequivocal clinical results Three full years, “said Maayan Cohen, CEO of Hello Heart.

From right to left: Michal Gutman, VP of Development, Maayan Cohen, CEO, and Ziv Meltzer, Chief Designer (Photo: Hello Hart)From right to left: Michal Gutman, VP of Development, Maayan Cohen, CEO, and Ziv Meltzer, Chief Designer (Photo: Hello Hart)

She added: “A peer review procedure can be inconvenient and even scary for companies that need to submit their results to an external test by senior industry doctors. As a company that has a clear vision of empowering users to manage and improve heart health, we are proud to put our clinical results to the test. “From a peer review process. The research led by Professor Alexis Beatty confirms what we have known for several years: Hello Heart has a dramatic and lasting clinical impact on our users’ heart health and can help them detect heart attacks in a timely manner and save lives.”

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