The new generation of Nintendo’s switch console has arrived in Israel, equipped with a larger and more colorful 7-inch OLED screen, with vivid colors and high contrast. The new switch will not renew anything for you if you usually play in stationary mode, but for those who play in mobile mode this is a change in the gaming experience, as the console includes new features and upgrades that change the experience of using this mode.

Alongside the new model, the game Metroid Dread was also launched, the new title in the Metroid saga, which follows the intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran as she reaches a new star to explore the next mysterious and suspenseful story in the series. In addition, a new set of Sami Aran and EMMI robot amiibo characters will be launched on November 5th.

The Nintendo Switch console (OLED model) is available for purchase in two colors: white, which comes with white Joy-Con controllers and a black console with a white docking station, in neon red / neon blue colors, which come with Joy-Con controllers in blue-red colors , A black console and a black docking station. All existing Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch are compatible with the new model. In addition, the Nintendo Switch (Model OLED) supports any existing Nintendo Switch game library.

Recommended retail price for the console: NIS 1,799
Recommended price for the game: 249 NIS

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