How to activate encrypted backup in WhatsApp

WhatsApp already allows from this Thursday to protect backups saved to a cloud service with end-to-end encryption, a function that is available to users who have activated it from the settings.

The instant messaging service allows activate additional protection for copies stored in Google Drive or iCloud, within the chat settings, where ‘Backup’. To do this, the user must first have the corresponding cloud service linked to their device.

By clicking on ‘End-to-end encrypted backup’, the user will only have to click on the ‘Continue’ button. Then, you must create a 64-digit encryption key or password, that you will need to remember and enter when you need to restore the copy.

It is important to highlight the need to remember the key or password chosen, because if the user loses it or cannot remember it, they will lose access to their protected copy in the cloud. It is also important in case you want to change another password or password.

To proceed to create the encrypted backup, all that remains is press the ‘Done’ button.


Just like the encrypted backup has to be activated, it can also be disabled. In this case, the user, from the same settings screen, and to proceed, can use the password, key or Pin of the mobile device, or even biometric authentication.

If encrypted copy is disabled, backup creation is disabled as well. In order to create one, the user still has the option of creating an unprotected copy or opting again for the one with end-to-end encryption.

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