Check Point’s global communications director Gil Messing spoke today (Sunday) with Anat Davidov on her program on 103FM, “Where’s the Money?”, In order to shed light on the cyber attack aimed at Hillel Yaffe Hospital. Messing explained that cyber attacks against Israel are not just in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčeconomic crime: “There have been quite a few cases in the past year where the groups behind the infidelity attacks were from Iran and they were not necessarily criminal groups.”

He explained that as of today, the hospital is working, since most of the medical equipment has not been damaged. “They have a problem with computers and other things that do not work and it is due to an informed decision they made – to stop the contagion chain. They disconnected everything from the network and one that is not connected should go to the manual. They have a lot of equipment that connects to each other, “claimed the director of Check Point’s global communications network.

Messing added that “with food comes appetite. Success causes other attack groups to try, hospitals tend to pay because they think it is better for them to pay the sums than to deal with the rehabilitation of damaged systems.”

According to him, there are cases in which the attackers not only encrypt the information, but threaten to leak it if they do not receive the ransom payment. “There is a risk that patients’ information will be leaked out, it can happen in this case as well. Hospitals can be much more protected, the more devices there are, the higher the level of risk and the test of the result speaks for itself.”

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