The UN’s special report on climate change, published last August, indicates that the prophecies of rage about global warming are on their way to being realized. The way to stop this is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, among other things by using green energy sources. Requires the development of energy storage capabilities, which will support the electricity grid at sunset.

Nostromo, an Israeli company, has developed clean and safe technology for commercial buildings such as malls, hotels, hospitals and more. The system, which is based on ice cells, is able to store solar energy and use it in the afternoon and evening, thus significantly helping to stabilize the network after sunset. It also offers a solution for cooling commercial buildings.

“Unlike other energy storage systems, Nostromo’s solution is not based on the lithium battery, which pollutes itself and is even dangerous, but on water, which makes our system 100% environmentally friendly,” explains Yaron Ben-Nun, president and founder of the company. “In fact, we have developed an ice-based battery that knows how to provide a green solution to the need for air conditioning.

“The system consists of unique energy cells called IceBrick, each of which contains hundreds of capsules of water, and they are placed on the roofs of commercial buildings. It is possible to “discharge” the energy stored in the building’s central air conditioning system. ” Nostromo recently signed a 20-year contract with the Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California to install the system, and raised about $ 14 million during a process that included making the company public by way of a reverse merger. In Israel, the company has signed a special cooperation with the IEC to develop a tool that will enable the construction of a virtual power plant, and the system is installed on the roof of the medical equipment company Medinol.

“I have been involved in clean energy technologies for many years, and I am aware of the enormous burden that air conditioning systems place on the electricity grid,” said Ben-Nun. Use it after the sun goes down. In the summer of 2015 it was announced that the cost of generating electricity from solar energy had fallen below the cost of producing polluting fuels. At that moment it was clear to me that as the production of solar energy would increase – the need for storage would increase. Water is the most effective substance in nature when it comes to storing cold. I realized that there must be a clean, water-based solution to divert air conditioning demand. Since in all the searches I have done I have not found such a solution to exist and work effectively, I decided to get started with Nostromo, and mobilize the resources necessary for the development of such technology. “Meanwhile, weather phenomena are becoming more extreme, and the challenges of merging are growing every day, and it seems to me that our technology has an appropriate answer to a significant number of these challenges.”

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