Oracle CEO: “We built our systems so that they would not allow human error”

Safra Katz, CEO of the global Oracle Corporation, hinted at the Jerusalem Post’s annual conference that a major announcement is expected soon regarding the company’s public cloud data center, which was established in Jerusalem. “We thought it was critical for the security of the country and for its citizens that we make this investment even before we signed one client,” she said. “We believed that this was necessary in light of Israel’s security profile.”

Technology giant Oracle announced last February that it would be the first to open a dedicated data center for the benefit of the first public cloud in Israel, alongside Bynet Communications. The data center, which will be spread over four floors five meters underground, is designed to provide advanced cloud services to companies and government ministries in the fields of security, banking, insurance and technology.

Katz, who was born in Holon to Holocaust survivor parents, became the CEO of Oracle in 2014. At the conference, she said that Oracle has a long-standing culture of security. “For decades we have been saying that you can not secure a system just by locking the doors and windows,” she said. “You need to have a steel base. That’s why our cloud has special technologies that do not allow other users, not even us, the network operators, to access the data. This is also the reason why our systems are autonomous. One of the main ways in which bad people – states or criminals – manage to get in is through human error. So we built our systems so that they would not allow human error.

“This is an amazing time for advanced technology all over the world,” Katz concluded.

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