The new laptop from ASUS, the ExpertBook B1400 is thin, light and powerful enough to accommodate all business needs and most of the user’s private needs.

The ExpertBook B1 series offers the updated 11th generation Core i7 processors from Intel and includes two models (14 and 15 inches), both of which have a luxurious design with a hard top and full of custom features, including NumberPad 2.0, fingerprint sensor, keyboard With backlight and front webcam. The laptop is equipped with a standard graphics card from the GeForce Nvidia family that of course will not run you demanding games like Red Dead Redemption 2 or cyberpunk, but can certainly withstand older games like Fifa 20 – but in any case it is not a gaming computer but for business and private needs.

The ExpertBook B1400 with a 14-inch screen gets the power from processors up to Core i7 and is ready to provide the excellent performance needed to get the job done efficiently and quickly. It is equipped with advanced features like Performance Boost technology which aims to ensure the best performance by internal thermal tuning. ASUS’s exclusive algorithm, combined with up to five smart sensors, aerodynamic design and up to 90 watts of power supply, enables smart CPU performance management.

Coupled with support for up to 48GB of RAM, and ample storage space, the ExpertBook B1 Series models ensure fast access to content – and no need to worry about running out of storage. Up to two storage devices can be added to the mobile, combined with an SSD of up to 1 terabyte and a mechanical drive, HDD, of up to 2 terabytes, thus providing the perfect combination of ultra-fast data access with large storage for personal content.

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Connectivity is especially important for a business mobile to ensure it is available for any type of task or workload. The mobile is equipped with a comprehensive selection of I / O connections. In addition, there is a connector in the new Thunderbolt 4 standard with support for DisplayPort so that you can transfer the content to K4 screens efficiently and in addition it supports fast loading, connectivity for display needs and data transfer at extreme speeds. In addition, the computer comes with USB Type-A connections, standard USB 3.2 Gen 2 and USB 2.0, HDMI 2.0, local area network, integrated audio connection and a slot for microSD cards.

As mentioned, the laptop is adapted for connection anywhere, and this is good news for students or business people who need reliable and fast connections. The computer is equipped with three external DisplayPort video ports via a USB-C, HDMI and VGA D-Sub connection – and they support connecting up to two 4K displays simultaneously. This gives users the freedom to use their own mobile screen for conferencing or attending remote classroom lessons, while using two additional screens, one on each side of the computer, to keep track of event-related information.

The laptop weighs up to 1.45 kg, so it is easy to carry these computers anywhere – and they are also lighter compared to many competing models. These are also some of the thinnest laptops of their kind, with the thickness of the B1400 standing at 19.2 mm. Despite their thinness and light weight, these laptops also offer an outstanding screen-to-body ratio. The slim frame design of the NanoEdge screens makes it possible to produce a smaller body that houses a larger screen. The result is that the ExpertBook B1400 offers a screen with a ratio of 84% to the body, while the larger 15.6-inch screen of the B1500 offers a ratio of 90%. In addition, the display has been approved by TÜV Rheinland Laboratories as a low-level blue light emitter, so it ensures comfortable work for the eyes even when used for a long time.

The fingerprint sensor integrated inside the power button offers easy-to-use and equally effective biometric security. All the user has to do to activate the B1400 and log in is to press the power button – so there is no need to memorize passwords or PIN numbers that are hard to remember. You can also choose to integrate a TPM 2.0 chip to upgrade the level of business security in ExpertBook B1 computers. This chip stores identifying information used by software, such as passwords and encryption keys, to protect important data and information transfers – and to keep the information out of the eyes of future hackers.

The ExpertBook B1 mobiles are ready for the increased levels of work and distance learning with ASUS ‘two-way noise-canceling technology based on artificial intelligence that ensures great audio experiences for video calls and conferences. ASUS Artificial Intelligence-Based Bi-Directional Noise Implementation Machine learning aims to isolate unwanted noises from human speech. There are two modes: a single speaker mode that allows a direct voice in front of the computer to be heard clearly. Multi-speaker mode that clears the speech from the speaker’s direction, ensuring optimal quality for group conferencing. The artificial intelligence feature based on the microphone’s artificial intelligence cleans up environmental noise other than human speech.

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