Former US President Donald Trump announced this morning (Thursday) the launch of a new social platform called “Truth”, which will open for use as early as 2022.

The former president, who was blocked from the rest of the social networks, including Facebook and Twitter as early as the beginning of the year, claimed that his goal was to rise above the technology giants that silenced him. “I am excited to share with you my thoughts on the ‘Truth’ network, which is designed to fight back to those networks,” Trump said in an official statement.

The former president announced this in a press release, explaining that the platform will be open to invite more users to the beta version that will be launched as early as November, with the aim of promoting it to the general public as early as next year.

“Truth” will be the product of a new venture of the former president, to be called the Trump Media & Technology Group created by merging with an American technology company, which in turn claimed to aspire to become a recognized public company.

Trump’s suspended Twitter account (Photo: Reuters)

The link published to the platform leads users to a waiting list for pre-ordering the app, which is open to the Apple Store. Currently, there are screenshots of the app, whose lines are very similar to those of Twitter. The name “Truth” became the trademark of Trump Group Corp as early as July 2021, according to public records.

For last July, Trump sued Facebook, Twitter and Google for censoring his content. The companies have kept the bans against the former hatred, although Facebook plans to reconsider the decision in two years. “We live in a world where the Taliban is very much present on Twitter, however the beloved president has been silenced,” Trump said in the launch announcement.

About two weeks ago, the former president appealed to a Florida court demanding that his Twitter account be restored, according to a report in the British Guardian newspaper. According to the report, Trump claimed at the time of filing that Twitter had canceled his account following “pressure from his political rivals in Congress.” The social network refused to comment.

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