Location can now be listed in the profile highlights of professional Twitter accounts

The location of their businesses or services can now be listed in the highlights of a professional account owner’s profile, according to a tweet from Twitter.

The Professional category gives developers, content producers, small business owners, nonprofit organizations, and large corporations the opportunity to display the professional category they most closely relate to.

The highlights section, on the other hand, is a unique area in a professional’s profile where he can express to his potential customers what he believes to be most significant about his company.

According to a press statement given to Europa Press, the social network has released tools created especially for this group to help them grow their businesses on Twitter.

One of these is “Featured Location,” which enables professionals with brick-and-mortar establishments to display their location, open hours, and extra contact information.

They include a contact number, email address, and direct messaging options so that clients may get in touch with them.

Twitter has incorporated the Google Maps service in the featured so that professionals can upload a map of their place of business. This allows you to identify your location.


This makes it simple to find since users can get the address simply clicking on the map of the highlighted address rather than typing the address into Google Search or Google Maps directly.

Twitter has noted that it continues to create new tools and resources for professionals, including an unified resource portal called Professional Home.

Professionals will be able to access a home page as a result, consult it to improve their performance, find product offers, and access more resources.

In the upcoming weeks, this product will go global, and more upgrades and interactions will follow in the following months.

The corporation, on the other hand, has acknowledged that plans to test and release new highlights this year would enable professionals to persuade their potential clients to engage in the activities that most pique their interest when they discover their profiles on the social network.

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