Spotify now lets you add video to your podcasts

Spotify will soon allow users to start posting audio podcasts with added video using Anchor, a free platform that allows users to produce and edit these files, albeit only the audio can be heard if the user wishes.

The new Spotify feature allows podcast creators to include video in each episode, which your listeners may watch on the streaming service.

Spotify has emphasized the flexibility that video podcasts provide to creators, as listeners will be able to put the image in the background and listen to only the audio if they prefer, according to a statement from the company, which also confirms that it will be available “soon” in “selected markets.”

Creators may access their accounts through Anchor, which also allows them to make adjustments such as inserting wedges, songs from sites like Spotify or Amazon Music, and bespoke clips.

You must make an account on this site in order to share these movies.
While doing so, the service asks users about their preferences in order to provide them with content that is tailored to their needs.

To add a video file, a verified user must click ‘New Episode’ and ‘Quick Load.’
After that, it is published, and the video podcast is added to the library.

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