AppleCare+ iPhone theft and loss protection now available in Spain

One of the services most frequently sought by users of these “smartphones”—coverage for loss and theft of the iPhone—has been offered by Apple in Spain through its AppleCare+ insurance program.

2019 saw the introduction of AppleCare+, a type of insurance that provides both professional technical assistance and hardware coverage. It has benefits like battery repair coverage and priority access to Apple technical support.

Depending on the type of pricing selected, this iPhone service includes a minimum of two instances of unintentional damage every calendar year, up to the maximum allowed by the terms. However, there is a service fee associated with each event.

Despite being in operation in this nation for a number of years, this software lacked some elements that were present in other countries. Coverage for gadget loss or theft is one of them.

But as the business develops its support website, iPhone owners in Spain already have access to this benefit built into the AppleCare+ insurance plan.

Users will thereby have coverage for a minimum of two occurrences of theft or loss every 12 months, depending on the chosen insurance, in addition to the options that this system already offers.

The ‘Find’ function on the smartphone must be turned on for this service both at the time of the loss or theft and during the filing of an iPhone claim.


In Spain, you can either purchase an annual policy with monthly payments that will automatically renew each year unless it is cancelled, or a fixed-term policy for two years of coverage.

For the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max models, these prices are 11,49 euros (annual policy, paid in monthly installments) and 229 euros for two-year contracts.

Prices for this service start at 8,49 euros and go up to 169 euros for insurance that last 24 months for the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, and iPhone 11.

Last but not least, Apple has stated that the 3rd generation iPhone SE is eligible for this program and will cost 4,49 euros for a yearly coverage with monthly payments and 89 euros for an additional year of service.

By Editor