Granot Farmer, the fruit and vegetable marketing company of the Granot Kibbutzim and Moshavim organization, promotes future agriculture and is moving to managing a smart farm using advanced technology. The company has signed a cooperation agreement with FarmManager (Pharm Manager), under which they will manage the agricultural areas and crops through the innovative platform.

The new management system will automatically collect information from a variety of sensors in the orchard, which includes the motor operations, information from the irrigation systems, meteorological information and a wide range of data that will be fed from the orchard to the system.

Pharm Manager is a farm management platform, which was established in 2010 by Yifat Sdot and Tomer Paz. The software uses advanced technologies, in order to give every farmer tools to manage the various crops on the farm, including information gathering, information analysis and decision making. The platform operates through an easy-to-operate-friendly interface, which allows the farmer to automatically collect information from the field, analyze the information and make professional and managerial decisions based on it.

Agronomic information includes monitoring of fertilization, irrigation, spraying, weather monitoring, laboratory testing, agrotechnical operations, monitoring of pests and pests, satellite interfacing and more.

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With the help of Business Intelligence technologies, historical and contemporary information is analyzed so that Granot farmers will create future, professional and business decisions and insights, which will help optimize the growth in each and every plot. One of the technologies that will help collect agricultural information is the innovative platform developed by Fieldin (Fieldain), which monitors agricultural activity in real time and detects anomalies that could harm crops and operational efficiency.

Fieldin was founded in 2013 in Israel by Boaz Bachar and Yiftach Birger. The company has developed a software-based control center and a series of smart sensors, through which farmers manage spraying, harvesting and a variety of critical operational operations on the farm on a daily basis. The system enables data transparency and data-based decision making and management.

According to Giora Marom, Granot Agricultural CEO, the company examined several options and decided that FarmManager would be home software and help farmers gather professional agronomic information directly from the field. “We have created a control center for each tower that provides data, according to which operational, economic and agronomic decisions are made.

Using the technology, it is possible to follow all the stages of agricultural growth in plots that cover thousands of dunams. The system measures the data, performs artificial intelligence analyzes and presents recommendations to the farmer on how to streamline work, reduce costs and increase productivity by tens of percent. ”

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