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The ‘hardware’ manufacturer Razer has out of stock of your new smart mask Zephyr just a few minutes after putting it on sale through its website this Friday.

This has been announced by the company on Twitter, where it has confirmed that this product has reached the ‘sold out’ shortly after its launch. In this way, the sale of this mask has been paralyzed, waiting for new units to be manufactured.

Razer Zephyr is a reusable mask with N95 filters with a durability of up to three days. It has an airtight seal over the mouth and nose and adjusts to different head sizes.

It is intended for daily use and has two air chambers that allow it to flow inside. To do this, it is necessary to activate the integrated fans through its multifunction button. They can be adjusted to two speeds, 4200 or 6200 RPM.

its transparent design allows you to see the user’s face and has an anti-fog coating that can be applied again with a spray that includes the product. It also has integrated Interior lighting, which is intended for use in low light environments.

Both these lights and the exterior lights, which surround the air filters, can be customized to the user’s taste. With Razer Chroma RGB, it achieves a variety of up to 16.8 million colors and offers effects that can be controlled from the Razer Zephyr ‘app’.

its starting price It is 100 dollars and can be purchased with three replacement filter kits for $ 150. It is unknown if this option will be available when it is released again.

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