WhatsApp no ​​longer warns when someone leaves a group, but there is still a way to know who left

The new feature is being tested on iPhone and is expected to roll out on Android in the coming weeks.

Cases semanally, WhatsApp goes free new functions to your messenger. In this batch of novelties, those that focus on the group chatwhich gained many followers by being used as a work tool.

It is now rolling out a new feature through its beta versions that lets you know what participants or contacts they were before one entered the group of that instant messaging application. This functionality began to circulate in the beta of WhatsApp for iOS.

Actually, it is a curious way of knowing something of the chat history, finding out from this menu who was part of the group. This would also avoid having to ask group members if they know why that person left the chat.

Even, to expand the data, it has a specific search bar to find someone, very useful if there are 100 or more members in the group. The maximum number of people allowed is 256.

WhatsApp: how to know who left a group

As anticipated from WaBetaInfo, there will be a new icon of two people stuck together. This new WhatsApp group feature will be accessible in the list of current participants under the “Group Information” tab. Here, there will be a new option called “See previous participants”.

When clicking on it, a brief description appears explaining that this section shows “participants who have left the group or were eliminated from it in the last 60 days”.

The biggest limitation of this functionality is that it is restricted in time to two months and the cause will not be revealed either, because many times there is no simple explanation. Nor is it detailed whether the exit was forced by the administrator himself.

The interesting thing is that this option is not only available to administrators, but also to all group participants. All users need to do is enable the option to view it.

Along with this measure, it was also eliminated the current system of notifying everyone in chat when a member leaves or is removed from a group.

Only admins will receive chat messages when someone leaves or is removed from the group. All those who have left or have been removed from the group will only be visible in the “View previous participants” list.

WhatsApp: more power to the administrator

A few days ago, WhatsApp implemented a tool that increases the power of administrators, since they will have the power to delete messages from groups.

This feature was planned with the goal of allowing administrators to be group moderators. In this way, if any participant starts a conflict and writes something that exceeds the limit of respect and the rules of coexistence, the administrator will be able to directly delete the message from that contact.

In the event that the effusive participant does not stop sending these aggressive messages against the other contacts, the moderator may expel him from the group, to avoid further conflicts. Although they will be able to delete the messages, WhatsApp will leave a message in which it will notify the other contacts that the administrator deleted a message.

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