WhatsApp has announced new features that will prevent you from a lot of embarrassment

WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps today, and there’s a good chance you log into it several times an hour. Once in a while, Meta (the owner of WhatsApp) announces new updates that will improve the user experience and answer the problems faced by the users. CEO and founder of the company Mark Zuckerberg announced today (Tuesday) a number of new and rather requested features that will soon arrive in the application.

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The new features (some of which were previously reported) are related to the protection of users’ privacy, and allow, among other things, you to leave a group – without the members knowing about it, and determine who can see when you were last connected.

This may prevent quite a bit of embarrassment for many users, who stayed in different groups because they did not want them to know about their departure, or those who simply did not enter WhatsApp so that a certain person would not know that they had connected.

Another feature that Zuckerberg revealed is an upgrade to the option to send photos that are only available for viewing once. As mentioned, this is a feature that can be quite useful in a number of situations, for example transferring certain information to the other party, which we would not want to have stored on his mobile for a long time, or debating on the purchase of a certain product. The new update makes it possible to prevent a situation where the receiving party of the image will take a screenshot so that it does not disappear after one viewing.

In the meantime, last night it was announced on the Wassap Twitter account that the time period in which a message can be deleted after it has been sent will be extended to two days and 12 hours (a total of 60 hours). This is a significant change, since until now the time limit was one hour, eight minutes and 16 seconds.

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