MADRID, 23 Oct. (Portaltic/EP) –

HP Spain has celebrated this fall the 16th edition of the HP Solidarity Day, which has been carried out virtually, and has had the participation of more than a hundred volunteer employees from the different centers of the company in Spain, who have managed to raise 66,000 euros to finance six solidarity projects.

The HP solidarity day usually celebrates its activities in person, in an open day for employees and their families, but for the second consecutive year the activities have moved to a virtual environment, they have indicated from the company.

In this edition, HP employees from the different centers that the company has in Barcelona, ​​Madrid and León presented more than 30 projects, of those who finally six were selected, corresponding to the organizations: ADAVAS Association, Calcutta Colors Foundation, La Nineta dels Ulls Foundation, Bell-lloc Nursery Foundation, Nukoko Ghana and AECC.

Of all the activities organized between the months of June and October, HP workers have managed to collect a total of 33,000 euros, to which the contribution of the company itself, which has doubled the amount achieved by its employees.


The funds raised for the ADAVAS association will be used to carry out activities to prevent sexual violence and partner abuse in youth and adolescents. In the case of the Colors of Calcutta Foundation, it will go to the project of medical care in Pilkhana (India), where more than 400,000 people live in situations of extreme poverty and exclusion.

With the money, it will also be designed, together with the Fundació La Nineta dels Ulls, a mobile application for the premature diagnosis of retinoblastoma, the most common ocular cancer in boys and girls under 3 years of age.

The project chosen for the Fundació Viver de Bell-lloc is a program in which young people will be able to do training that will prepare them to enter the labor market, through equipment and tools that will simulate real jobs.

Nukoko Ghana may build a classroom with computers so that young people and adults have access to technology and information, and the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), with the money raised, will help finance a program in which 20 children with cancer can benefit from different care throughout their illness.

The money raised in this year’s edition is in addition to the more than half a million euros that HP has obtained throughout its more than fifteen years of history, and with which it has managed to finance dozens of social projects around the world .

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