Spotify redesigns its interface to separate musical content from podcasts

Spotify has been developing a new interface design with the aim of separating its music content from podcasts and broadcasts and thus offering ordered and differentiated listening recommendations.

Currently, the mobile application has a Home tab (‘Home’), in which the recently listened songs personalized lists, artists similar to others played previously or ‘playlists’ and recommended stations.

In this first screen of the application the podcasts are also integrated, which appear in the section ‘Episodes for you’, which is accessed by ‘scrolling’ in its interface.

In order to offer its content in a more organized way, Spotify has created two new tabs. One of them, called ‘Music’, will contain songs, albums and playlists, while ‘Podcasts and programs’ will include radio shows and streaming episodes.

The company has pointed out that, by creating these sections, “will help listeners navigate easily by the type of content they are looking for at that moment”, encouraging “a more personalized experience”.

Thus, in the first section, ‘Music’, listeners will have direct access to suggestions based on their musical tastes, as well as recommendations for albums and playlists.

On the contrary, in ‘Podcasts and shows’, they will be able to go directly to new episodes of their favorite programs, read episode descriptions or save it to your library.

Spotify has indicated that this feature is currently being rolled out to users of Android and that will soon be available on devices with the iOS operating system.

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