You’ve probably found yourself getting annoyed or amused more than once that Waze’s voice has distorted the street name you came to. Now, the Israeli navigation platform is launching a new community campaign to improve and update the pronunciation of street names in Hebrew. The new campaign is part of the development work of the text-to-speech operation of the company’s engineers, which aims to make ‘Racheli”s voice more fluent and understandable for users of the Hebrew app.

As of today (Sunday) Wise users will be able to report incorrect pronunciation of street and route names using a special form, which will be forwarded to the company’s engineers and developers. “The user community is an integral part of Waze,” said Guy Berkowitz, CEO of Waze Israel. “Thanks to the community’s help, any feedback can affect millions of drivers in Israel. We at Waze are attentive to the community, which is the basis of our activity, and are constantly working to upgrade the experience of using the app. “

As mentioned, since 2020, Waze has corrected more than 330 open requests for the “Racheli” voice, and now the company hopes that surfers’ inquiries will help improve the navigation experience. In addition, the app is updated and adds useful features on a regular basis, updating the text development for speech is another improvement designed to improve the user experience in Israel and it joins recent additions; Possibility of refueling payments in cooperation with Sonol and the establishment of carpool stations in the industrial area of ​​Raanana.

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