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The German Optics Company Leica has presented su primer ‘smartphone’, Leitz Phone 1, after collaborating with brands such as Huawei or Sharp to develop the mobile camera for their respective devices-

Leitz Phone 1 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor, and offers a 256GB storage and 12GB RAM– It also integrates a 5,000mAh large capacity battery- The screen, 6-6 inch, uses an OLED IGZO Pro panel, which offers a resolution of 2,730 x 1,260 pixels and a variable refresh rate of up to 240Hz-

Leica has equipped its first ‘smartphone’ with a single lens main camera, which houses a sensor 20 megapixels with the one inch size (2-54cm) in a circular design module, which is protected with a magnetic cap- It includes a ‘Leica Mode’, to take pictures in black and white, and on the front it incorporates a 12-6 megapixel camera-

Altogether, these are similar features to those seen in Sharp’s Aquos R6 model, precisely one of the devices in which Leica has collaborated- As explained in Engadget Japan, it is not a coincidence, since Sharp has been responsible for the manufacture of the mobile, although Leica has supervised all design and development-

The design of the Leitz Phone 1 follows the line of Leica cameras, with a metal body and a glass back and matte finish and the company logo engraved to the right of the main chamber-

This mobile will go on sale in Japan in July exclusively at Softbank, and is priced at 187,920 yen, about 1,400 euros at the exchange rate-

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