We’ve tried it: Huawei Watch Fit 2 is a watch for style matching

Huawei has shown in the past few years that it knows how to make great smart watches that look good and have a long-lasting battery, and their latest model is the Watch Fit 2.

While the GT series is more ‘serious’, Fit watches look more like a fashion accessory, but they hide a lot of possibilities. The Fit 2 visually resembles the Apple Watch and is almost identical to its predecessor, but there are a couple of key differences.

The screen is now larger, from 1.63 to 1.74 inches, and the resolution has also increased to 336×480 pixels. It is an AMOLED screen, protected by glass, and the watch provides an excellent image with brilliant colors. As with other watches, you can turn on the Always on display, which will shorten your autonomy, but at least you will see the time at any moment. In any case, the increase in dimensions is welcome and the various information displayed by the ‘masks’ of the watches are clearly visible.

As for the watch itself, three models are available – Active, Classic and Elegant. I tested the Classic variant in Moon White color, i.e. the metal case had a golden color and it comes with a white leather strap. That combination is clearly aimed at female customers. We also offer gray in the Classic variant, and there are also Active watches with silicone bracelets. Personally, the most beautiful combination is the Watch Fit 2 Elegant (silver frost) with a metal mesh strap.

Depending on the variant, the watch weighs 26 or 30 grams and as such is extremely light on the hand. These 30 grams in the Classic watch are hardly felt on the hand and you never have to take it off, except when you need to recharge the battery. This also means that you can go into the water with it without worry because it is water resistant up to 5 ATM.

Unlike its predecessor, it got a microphone and speaker, so now you can answer calls on the watch. On the plastic back there are sensors for monitoring heartbeats and two PINs to which the charging connector is connected. The small cable comes with the watch and you can connect it to any adapter, but you should be careful not to lose it. Ideally, they would have enabled wireless charging for this watch as well, but even this way you will charge it quite simply. Of the buttons, there is also a side button for managing applications.

The Fit 2 also got the Harmony OS platform, so if you were using it an hour ago, everything will be quite simple and clear. Pairing through the Huawei Zdravlje application is simple, and managing notifications has the same flaws as on other devices. You can answer with certain answers that are set in advance or open the mobile phone, and the notifications will send you a vibration and sound signal. Huawei Zdravlje will thus be your main place for monitoring all data from the watch, such as running and other sports, sleep and oxygen saturation, but also for updating the watch. The number of additional applications from the Huawei App Gallery store is not overly rich, but be sure to install Petal Maps. If you also have them on your phone, the application will navigate you to your destination via the watch screen.

Huawei states that the battery on a single charge can last up to two weeks or 7 days, with intensive use, which is approximately realistic. Of course, the amount of training and activities and the constantly on screen are details that will shorten that time, but it’s great autonomy when you have to separate yourself from the clock for about an hour once a week.

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