Expert explains: This is why Facebook is planning to change its name

After last night it was reported that the media giant Facebook is expected to change its name next week, the presenter of the program “Next” on request 12 spoke today, Dror Gloverman, With Gideon Oko on 103FM and explained the implications of the move.

“According to the world’s most stubborn reports, it looks like it’s going to happen next week. “There is no doubt that she is not only looking forward to the future she envisions for herself, she also wants to escape from her past.

“In the Israeli government, only from the last month there are two committees announced by ministers, and maybe there will be more, who want to examine how to deal with the damage of social networks. There is no doubt that we are atomically late, Facebook in our life 10 years and the damage “It’s very difficult to deal with it because you do not want to block freedom of expression since it has grown thanks to Facebook and not the freedom of competition and technology, these problems are complex,” he added.

“We remembered 10 years late, there is quite a bit of work – we are dramatically late. The challenge is what Facebook wants to do, re-establish the world simply within the Internet. Today all of Facebook’s resources are geared for a new word – ‘Metaverse’. This is their new goal, “To create an entire world that will be three-dimensional in which our lives are going to run in a parallel universe. For such a world, you need a coin to buy, this is Facebook’s flagship project – they want to establish an entire economic world,” Gloverman concluded.

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