MADRID, 25 Oct. (Portaltic/EP) –

The messaging app Discord has reached an agreement with the video game studio Electronic Arts (EA) to launch the new ‘rich presence’ feature, with which users can learn more about the video games other people are playing, including the specific game mode or if they are looking for companions.

‘Enriched presence’ (‘rich presence’, in English), is aimed at people who use Discord `to communicate while playing video games, with the aim of” leveling the connectivity “between platforms, as reported by EA in a statement.

App users can link your Discord account to EA’s, so that more detailed information about the user’s gaming activity is shown to your contacts, in the supported PC studio titles.

Discord already allowed to show the game that its users were playing, and from now on this mode allows you to consult additional data such as “what game mode are you in, how long have you been playing and whether or not you are ready to partner up for something different“in the case of online games.

Linking the Discord and EA accounts can be done from a message in the application entitled ‘What’s new’, but also from the settings menu of the messaging service.

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