Nearly two weeks have passed since Hillel Yaffe Hospital fell victim to a cyber attack, and no one knows when the center is expected to return to normal. The hospital said with the explosion of the affair that they hope the systems will return gradually the following week, but in the end – a long time has passed and there is still no change in the situation.

In fact, the hospital systems, and the vast amount of information that was stored in it, are still in the hands of the attackers, who demanded payment of ransom in the amount of millions of shekels.

Sources in the cyber field estimated in a conversation with Maariv that repairing the systems and returning to routine in the hospital is expected to take a long time. “It’s been several weeks,” they stressed, contradicting the promises made with the affair.

Hillel Yaffe Hospital said: “We work around the clock, when there is an update we will take it out.”

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