Not only are young Israelis willing to drastically change their lifestyles to save the planet, they also see themselves as advocates and leaders for a more sustainable future. This emerges from a new global study by Electrolux that reveals the thoughts of almost 14,000 young people from around the world, including from Israel.

The study finds that more than 1,200 young Israelis who participated in the study, trust mainly themselves (40%), but also influencers (35%) and scientists (23%), to lead the change towards a sustainable future, while only 6% of young Israelis believe that adults They will take responsibility. Three out of ten (33%) also believe that young people are the ones who will solve the climate crisis.

Based on the results of the study, Electrolux invited young people to work with the company’s Innovation Center, which includes a dedicated research and design team, defined as the “Generators of Change” team, which aims to accelerate sustainable change and explore possible solutions for a better life. Insights from the research and meetings with the teams will be used by Electrolux in its efforts to develop innovation.

In Israel, not only does the next generation see themselves as future leaders, but over 40% also see themselves as advocates of the field of sustainability, trying to actively influence others to live in a more sustainable way today. It was further found that 35% are willing to drastically change their lifestyle to save the planet.

Teens protest following climate crisis (Photo: Lior Klein, Lior Klein)

But while young people are willing to do their part, they also feel frustrated by the failures of the previous generation – 4 out of 10 agree that young people are the ones to worry about the “nonsense” of previous generations, and 41% feel they are trying to make a sound but no one is listening.

According to the study, education on sustainability (76%) and innovation in the “green” field (80%) are perceived as the most important solutions that will enable a transition to life in a more sustainable society. When it comes to their future homes, young people are focusing on sustainable food, water and energy solutions, which are more important to them than smart solutions with no aspect of sustainability.

“We see how young Israelis are worried about their future lives. They want to live more sustainably and they strive to eat organic or vegetable food, reduce consumption of frequently changing fashionable clothing, and improve air quality. After launching the ‘Better Life in 2030’ initiative. In May of this year, we now have two young participants from the Middle East and Asia-Pacific countries joining the Generators team.

“Together with the Electrolux Innovation Center, our experts and leading contemporary transformers, they will explore solutions for a better life. Young participants will be a significant driving force in bringing their unique perspective to future home solutions that meet the needs and aspirations of the next generation.” , Says Vitor Maya Hamilko, CEO of the Middle East and North and Central Africa at Electrolux.

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