Facebook urges eligible users to activate Facebook Protect with the global expansion of this security program

Facebook has begun to expand its security program globally Facebook Protect, which has led some users of the social network to see a notification urging its activation in order to continue using the account.

The technology company introduced a couple of years ago Facebook Protect, a security program designed to protect risk groups from hacks and coordinated campaignslike journalists, politicians or civil rights activists.

This month some users have seen a notification urging them to install Facebook Protect to continue using the social network, which is part of the expansion of the program globally, until now available in the United States, Canada and Germany.

Notifications are displayed to the people who are eligible to be part of this program, that is, they are at risk of being ‘hacked’ by malicious actors. Its activation implements advanced security measures, such as two-step authentication, which seek to prevent third-party access to sensitive information.

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