Many Israelis today use Alexa, the veteran voice assistant from Amazon, who so far has not supported the Hebrew language at all. Now, the situation may be changing (at some point), as the blog The Gadget Reviews published today (Tuesday) that Alexa now supports Hebrew translation activities.

Alexa speaks Hebrew (Photo: Screenshot)
Alexa speaks Hebrew (Photo: Autumn Tiger)Alexa speaks Hebrew (Photo: Autumn Tiger)

When asked if you speak Hebrew, Alexa replied that she does not yet support the language, but can be asked to translate it into Hebrew. In addition to supporting simple translation – she is also able to read the sentence in fairly clear Hebrew. This is the only mention of the Hebrew language in the Alexa app.

Alexa speaks Hebrew (Photo: Screenshot)Alexa speaks Hebrew (Photo: Screenshot)

At this stage it is still unclear whether this is a certain escalation of Amazon in the Hebrew language, and it is worth taking into account that the company still imposes many difficulties on Israelis who are interested in using the service. Among other things, it is not possible to send the Echo devices to Israel, or to download Alexa’s app in the Israeli Play Store and App Store.

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