MADRID, 17 Jun. (Portaltic/EP) –

OnePlus has confirmed that the software OxygenOS will continue to be the mobile operating system of the brand following Wednesday’s announcement of further integration with Oppo, both conglomerate brands BBK Electronics.

The CEO of OnePlus, Pete Lau, reported this Wednesday of “a new journey for OnePlus”, which translates into further integration with Oppo after last year both brands integrated their research and development departments to save resources in their operations.

The manager has ensured that despite the change, will continue to operate independently, launching their own products, organizing their own events and with the same communication channels as before.

And it has confirmed that OxygenOS will continue to be the operating system for OnePlus mobiles globally, outside the Chinese market, in response to a comment from a user on the brand’s forum. Oppo, for his part, uses ColorOS on your devices.

Both Oppo and OnePlus are part of the BBK Electronics conglomerate, also owner of the realme and Vivo brands, all of them with a presence in Spain.

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