Netflix’s Squid Game is driving the whole world crazy and continues to break many records. Now, hackers are trying to take advantage of the popularity of the series, to harm Android devices.

Information security expert Lucas Stepenko, a damage researcher at information security company ESET, revealed on his Twitter account that an app known as “Squid Wallpaper 4K HD”, which was available in Google’s app store, was developed with the aim of infecting Android devices with malware called Joker.

The Joker damage was detected in the app store earlier, and the app was removed from the air after the report. This is the first case in which the popular series was used to spread damage.

The researcher noted that the app was installed more than 5,000 times before being removed from the store. Once installed, it can download and run original libraries, run malicious applications on the attacked devices and allow operations to be performed without obtaining an agreement from the user. In addition, attackers can commit advertising scams or sign up for unwanted SMS messages and also register users for premium services that will cost them money.

The case once again flooded the question – how can one stay safe? One of the most important things is to be very careful when downloading apps, and if you have downloaded the app in question – it is recommended to remove it from the device, to minimize the chance of infection. In addition, it is recommended to install protection software, which will help protect against network threats.

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