Oracle begins auditing TikTok algorithm, according to Axios

The social network TikTok’s algorithms are currently being examined by Oracle to ensure that they are not being controlled by Chinese authorities and that the application is running independently in the United States.

To enable the Chinese company to continue doing business in the United States and Canada, Oracle acquired ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, in 2020.

The US executive had demanded that ByteDance sell its operations there or leave, claiming that TikTok posed a threat to national security because to its ties to China and the local privacy laws. This arrangement was a response to the executive’s request. Asian nation.

Following a new arrangement, it was revealed in June that TikTok would by default store the data of its US customers in the US company’s cloud infrastructure (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure).

As confirmed by a representative to Axios, the American company has now negotiated another agreement under which it can evaluate TikTok’s content control algorithms and models.


According to the sources consulted by the aforementioned media, this review started last week, and Oracle plans to use it to make sure that the content that is highlighted is not subject to manipulation by the Chinese government.

The TikTok algorithm was revealed to be created so that users spend time on the app perusing the videos that appear in the recommendations towards the end of last year, preferring those that are profitable, according to an internal document that came to light.

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