The NBA 2K22 official basketball game, NBA 2K22 has managed to do something that most major sports titles have been disappointed to do for years, and that is to innovate and refresh the gaming experience, not only visually but also with meaningful content.

Most of the significant improvements are of course the new generation of consoles and powerful PCs, but contrary to game expectations, developed by Visual Concepts and distributed by K Sports2, compensates the players of the current generation and gives it some of the improvements and a new neighborhood for your personal player in the form of a bat. Several floors with the well-known online playgrounds and access to special missions accompanied by a kind of semi-plot story. It’s true that it’s not the huge open world that awaits new generation players (more on that below), but it’s still new content for players who want to move on from last year’s game.

The most significant upgrade is realism, both in gameplay and of course visually with the processing power of the new devices and video cards in the powerful PCs, current NBA stars like LeBron James or past legends like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant look better than ever , And this series has always been known for quality graphics.

The developers have made some important changes to the pitch that help put the “pitch” in place, significant is the use of the endurance meter while dribbling, the more energy you expend the more likely you are to make a mistake or lose a ball, you will have to think before you run. It also affects your shot gauge, so you need to balance things out. This year a special gauge has also been added to the rings, but the classic control methods can also be used – where not much has changed.

In terms of game modes there is everything you would want to ask for: building a personal player in MY CAREER, forming a dream team from the present and past in MYTEAM, managing a team or player in MYNBA including an upgraded mod franchise, and of course the option to play immediately or make an instant playoff between All present and mythological teams from the past like Byrd’s Celtics, Jordan’s Chicago and more. This year the WNBA League gets an upgrade with the ability to run an entire year of games in MY TEAM.

For MYCAREER for those expecting a strong and sweeping story awaits disappointment, the story that takes your player along the draft is not full of exciting twists, but it does serve us as an introduction to the game’s glorious new neighborhood – reminiscent of the GTA worlds with multiplayer and open world missions.

Ironically the most fun and least enjoyable part of the game is in the open courts where you can take the player to you and play together and against other human players in order to collect VC points and cards to upgrade your character’s abilities. The problem is that if you do not want to pay real money to upgrade you will have to spend a lot of time at the low levels and there is no separation between players by level so I have not competed with almost anyone, which is frustrating.

On the other hand, the level of detail and content that the developers brought into the neighborhood this year and even the tasks that emphasize contemporary digital content such as maintaining a social network presence and even singing skills, important elements in the era of the modern basketball player. You are not just playing, you are building a brand.

In terms of MYTEAM mode the game where you collect and play with card players that open in loot boxes (yes for the good ones you will have to pay). There is enough content that you do not have to pay but you will have to play a lot before you get equal players .

The NBA 2K22 game makes welcome changes to the gameplay on the court and provides enough content for men and women basketball fans in quite a few aspects like individual, team and nostalgic play. It’s just a pity that problems that mainly concern the management of the team in MYTEAM and the inability to play against players at your level in the open pitches obscures the festivities. A copy of the game was received by Adli United, the official importer of the NBA 2K22 game in Israel.

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