Adv. Liran Avishar Ben Horin, Director General of the Ministry of Communications, spoke today (Wednesday) to Anat Davidov on her program on 103FM and commented on the reform of social networks. Which is being built these days. “Digital platforms have brought a lot of benefit to our lives, there is no dispute about them, but also significant challenges,” said Avishar Ben Horin, noting that the challenges are especially pronounced when “false information, hate, cybercrime, incitement, harm to minors and negative social phenomena are disseminated.”

According to the CEO, the question now being discussed is how responsible social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, are for the content distributed on them. Despite the hearings, Advocate Ben Horin admitted that it has not yet been decided what the reform will look like: We are leaving. This work is being carried out today in the United States, in Europe and we are going to work at headquarters. We do not start at the end but at the beginning. The issues we will address are the question of the degree of responsibility of the platform for the content it publishes. We know that this is not really a flow of information, the platforms have an editorial influence on what information will be promoted, in what order, who will block it and why, how transparent the bodies are – these are the kind of questions we will deal with. ”

“There is a built-in tension between the importance of freedom of expression, and the need to find a mechanism that will curb the negative phenomena that enter our lives from the platforms. We will look at what is happening in the world and then decide how to act,” she added.

Finally, she said that Israel is awaiting a report, which is currently being written in the United States, where the two parties have set up a committee on the subject: “We intend to examine all the tools while maintaining principles that are accepted and important, such as freedom of expression. We will probably need to use regulatory tools that will be optimally balanced with freedom of expression and maintaining the ability of platforms to operate optimally in Israel. We have not yet decided on specific tools. “

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