How to insert the sticker with the link in the stories on Instagram

The sticker with link on Instagram Stories is now available for everyone. All profiles – regardless of the number of followers – will be able to insert external links in their Stories. This new feature can be used by content producers, both individuals and companies, who will be able to share new offers with customers or, again, for artists it can represent a way to make their works known.

When Link sharing in Stories was first introduced, the feature was only available for select accounts. However, at Instagram they noticed that this function could be useful for accounts of all sizes and types, and we therefore decided to expand access to the Link sticker in the Stories to everyone.

How to add a link to the stories

  1. Take a photo, record a video or upload content to the Story
  2. Select the stickers tool at the top of the screen
  3. Touch the “Link” sticker to add the desired link and then touch “Done”
  4. Place the sticker in your story – as well as for the other stickers – and tap on it to see the color options.

Instagram has announced that in the coming months it will be working on new updates for the Links, which will offer more creative control, including text customization, and new colors.

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