Phrases and images to send to the boys by WhatsApp

The messaging service allows you to share greetings and good wishes on each special date.

One of the most anticipated days by the little ones, Children’s Day, will be reissued this sunday august 21. It is a date on which it is customary to greet and give gifts, but above all the rights and obligations that the little ones should know and learn.

For 60 years, a lot in the life of a person and also in that of a young country like ours, Argentina celebrates Children’s Day in August.

Precisely, the date of the Children’s Day celebration, at the request of the Argentine Chamber of the Toy Industry (CAIJ), since 2013 the third sunday of august.

The League of Nations, raising awareness from the children killed in the First World War, in 1924 approved the First Declaration on the Rights of Children in Geneva, inspired by the work of the activist Eglantyne Jebb (founder of the organization Save The Children) which was supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

A year later, in 1925, he declared June 1 as International Children’s Day.

Next, phrases to send to the boys on WhatsApp for Children’s Day.

Children’s Day phrases on WhatsApp

The most popular messaging service on the planet becomes a key tool to transmit good wishes to family and friends on each special date, and also this Children’s Day.

The platform, which has more than 2,000 million users, has recently launched various functions to improve the instant messaging experience: emojis, stickers, GIFs, reactions to messages They are usually one of the most used to send good wishes on special occasions.

Within the multiple options, some users can also simply choose motivating phrases which express emotions that in many opportunities do not usually flow out of virtuality.

Here we leave you a selection to give to a son, nephew or godson in this celebration so special for them:

  • Learning can be very difficult, it is like swimming against the waves, but if you stop swimming, you will end up back on the shore.
  • Teach your children how to think instead of what to think.
  • Never let the child you carry in your heart die and make sure you take care of it when necessary.
  • If we want to see our future full of happiness and harmony, it is necessary to teach children to be better human beings than us.
  • Play. Laugh. Runs. Imagine. Creates. Make friends. Happy Children’s Day!
  • We must not only teach them, but we must also learn from them, Happy Children’s Day!
  • Any day is perfect to dream, imagine, have fun and create, Happy Children’s Day!

Children’s Day on TikTok

In addition to what WhatsApp can provide as a tool for sharing emotional messages, the Chinese social network TikTok appears as one of the platforms to enjoy Children’s Day, both for create content as well as to enjoy it.

As for its operation, the platform that is all the rage among centennials allows create, edit and upload 1-minute music video selfies being able to apply various effects and add a musical background.

It also has some Artificial Intelligence functions, and includes eye-catching special effects, filters and augmented reality features.

Classified with the tag #diadelniƱo TikTok offers a variety of videos for all tastes: there are from the popular “challenges”ranging from dance challenges to reminiscing scenes, brotherly greetings, toy reviews and even cartoon clips.

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