Google will tweak its search engine so that it relegates ‘clickbait’ content to lower positions

Google has announced changes to the Finder that prioritize user-relevant, educational, and helpful information above that which places a greater emphasis on click-bait tactics.

With the purpose of emphasizing the information that can assist users when they begin a search, the tech business will adjust the ranking with which they are displayed with the relevant content for the user in the Search Engine.

In particular, the new ranking will prevent displaying information that is not original or of high quality in the top spots, or content that, as he said in his blog, “looks to have been prepared primarily to get a good rating in search engines.” This kind of content is frequently referred to as “clickbait.”

Next week, this adjustment will begin to be implemented globally for English speakers. The business will release an upgrade in conjunction with this rating that will make it easier for buyers to access authentic reviews during product searches.

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