TikTok acknowledges that the browser built into its iOS app monitors user activity on third-party websites

TikTok has acknowledged that it tracks user behavior on external websites when they are opened via the built-in browser of its iOS “app,” citing its purpose to enhance the user experience.

Fastlane creator Felix Krause’s analysis last week revealed that Facebook and Instagram’s iOS apps added JavaScript code to web pages that users browsed via their internal browsers rather than using Apple’s Safari browser.

Platforms can track user activity on websites belonging to third parties thanks to this code. Now, Krause has noted that TikTok also conducts such monitoring on iOS since your internal browser also inserts JavaScript code on third-party web pages, following a second analysis using the InAppBrowser.com tool.

The ByteDance application, for example, keeps track of everything the user types on the websites he visits, including passwords, bank card numbers, and other critical information. Additionally, the links and buttons you click, as well as any graphics and other components that come from your “app.”

This surveillance has been recognized by TikTok in a statement provided to Forbes. According to spokeswoman Maureen Shanahan, “Like other platforms, we use a browser in the app to deliver an optimal user experience, but the disputed Javascript code is used only to debug, troubleshoot, and monitor the performance of that experience, such as checking how quickly a page loads or if it crashes.”

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