YouTube Gaming Announces News for Short Videos and a New Type of Membership

YouTube Gaming has announced work on new tools so that creators can monetize their short videos, and improve their relationship with followers through a new membership and the possibility of redirecting them from one live stream to another.

Video games have become one of the fronts that lead the growth of YouTube. According to data shared by the company, in the first half of this year more than 8,000 million views of content related to games have been registered, nearly 900 million hours have been broadcast live and 250 million have been uploaded to the platform of videos.

One of the most successful types of video game content has been the ‘shorts’, the short videos in vertical format of the platform, which on many occasions are fed by ‘video on demand’ (VOD), to share highlights, as reported on its official blog.

The company has announced it is working so that creators can convert clips -Videos of up to a minute that can be played in a loop- in ‘shorts’, and even in introducing a specific monetization program for short videos.

Looking to the near future, the company is working on ‘Gifted Membership’, a type of membership that in exchange for payment gives followers access to additional elements- and ‘Live Redirect for Gaming’, which redirects the followers to another live one just after the one they were watching.

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