The hackers who attacked Shirbit claim: “We broke into Israeli sites”

Last night , the Iran-linked hacker group Black Shadow, which was behind the December cyber attack on insurance company Shirbit, posted a statement on its Instagram page claiming: “You probably couldn’t login to several sites today.” According to the attackers, they were able to gain access to Cyberserve’s database, which specializes in website and application development.

Mifal Hapayis, the Broadcasting Corporation here, Taglit, Dan, Kavim, the Israel Bar Association, the Association for the War on Cancer, and the Teachers’ Federation are among the large companies in the market for whom Cyberserve is responsible for the development and establishment of websites and applications.
It is unclear, however, what information the attackers were able to gain.

Cyberserve also developed the “Atref” LGBT dating site, which is regarded highly sensitive and has been unavailable since the evening. Users who may even bring them out of hiding.

In response to a question from Walla! Technology about whether the information will be published soon, Black Shadow said in Black Shadow that the information would be offered for sale on their telegram page soon, which could lead to part of the information being leaked.

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