Iranian hackers broke into an Israeli server company: information began to leak

The hacker group Black Shadow, which apparently operates on behalf of the Iranian government and is responsible for the cyber attack on the insurance company Shirbit last December, spread a message on its telegram page last night (Saturday) and wrote: “Hello again! We have news for you. You probably could not connect to many sites today.” . According to the attackers, they managed to break into the database of Cyberserve, a website building and hosting company.

Cyberserve’s servers are large and well-known sites – including Mifal Hapayis, the Broadcasting Corporation here, Taglit, Dan, Kavim, the Israel Bar Association, the Association for the War in Film, the Children’s Museum in Holon and the Teachers’ Union.

This morning (Saturday) the attackers started leaking photos of records from the database of the bus company “Kavim”, next to the caption: “They did not contact us, so here is the initial information.” Shortly afterwards, they distributed a file that included a database of 28 records that included personal information – such as an ID card, residential address, telephone number and email address.

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